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Founded in 2008, several years of rapid development, plant expansion from EVA to establish just now covers manufacturing plastics, electronics and other different industries. Product range is covering gifts and toys, outdoor sports products, furniture, animation games around with a variety of soft light plastic EVA, XPE, PP, ABS and other shaped products of OEM and ODM development and production capacity.

The company has a number of invention patents, including: Outdoor hunting animal series of patents, process patents in a variety of horns, EVA hollow tire developed patented, high-elastic solid eva football development patents,
New practical flak production of patented invention, foam pillows medical patents, patent and other audio yoga series production of the patented invention. Shenzhen has become an innovative small and medium enterprises. Our products have been exported to Japan, Europe, Russia, the United States and many other countries, and rated
EVA foam VR glasses you can not imagine light
The same genre do not do the same way to send
The charm of the wonderful left to their own
different colors to choose
EVA foam sword
Tourist area crafts wholesale 3D children outdoors
Anime Toy Foam Light Gel Sword
EVA foam solid football
EVA Foam children's outdoor toys
Exercise No. 5 standard solid football
FOAM Archery Target
Special designs avoid traditional grass targets and high hardness
Foam target for arrows and shaft wear and tear
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